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Monday, 19 January 2015

Congregation eating grass & drinking petrol to make them 'closer to God '

Adherent to one's faith can really make one to do the extra when one is told to eat grass and drink petrol.
Pastor Lesego Daniel of the Rabboni Centre Ministry made his congregation eat grass to make them 'closer to God' before using them as a human carpet has now got them drinking petrol.
The controversial South African preacher made international headlines in January when he was photographed persuading followers to eat the grass at his ministry.
Unveiling his latest 'miracle' to the congregation, he then told them that the petrol had been turned into pineapple juice and persuaded people to line up to take a sip from a bottle of the liquid.
According to daily mail,Pastor Daniel tells his congregation: 'I want to prove to you, with the flames that will burn here, that it shows what can be achieved if you have faith.'
He adds: 'What you see, you have to believe it.' He then drinks some of the liquid himself.
He said that humans with faith eat anything to feed their bodies and can survive on whatever they choose to eat, and persuading them to eat grass and drink petrol was simply a way of proving the point.
One woman claimed eating grass stopped her having a sore throat, while another said it healed her after a stroke.
Interviewed by local media one of the congregation, Rosemary Phetha, said: 'Yes, we eat grass and we're proud of it because it demonstrates that, with God's power, we can do anything.'
The grass eating, however, failed to impress many with one outraged commentator saying: 'Is this a scene in a movie? This can't be real. God created animals to chew grass and made human beings to dominate over animals. Any person who reduces human beings to animals is definitely not of God.'
And another person wrote online: 'Why is he stepping on people? This is inhumane. Shocking.'
Another, Doreen Kgatle, 27, from Garankuwa, suffered a stroke two years ago. She said: 'I could not walk but soon after eating the grass, as the pastor had ordered, I started gaining strength and an hour later I could walk again.'
Photos showed that followers who had eaten grass then allowed Pastor Daniel to walk across them as they spread out on the floor.
Petrol is highly toxic,can give serious gastric erosion and can also lead to severe stomach problems.

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