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Monday, 16 February 2015

Tattoos removal creme invented in Canada

The  new  tattoo removal creme will help erase some of the regrets, of having a tattoo and  can make tattoos disappear.

 It’s not exactly the same thing as testing on a human, but it’s a very close analog. Tattooists have been honing their skills on pig skin for a long, long time, so it makes sense that Falkenham chose to trial his topical creme this way.
The creme works by targeting the white blood cells (macrophages) that captured the ink originally injected by the tattooist’s machine. A treated tattoo doesn’t vanish instantly once the creme is applied. Multiple applications are needed, and Falkenham isn’t completely sure how many would be required for complete removal.
That magic number would likely vary from person to person, too. When he says, then, that treating a 10cm by 10cm area would cost around $4.50 per treatment, it’s hard to say how big a bargain that works out to. It would probably still be a great deal cheaper than a laser removal.
There’s bound to be a sizable market for this magic macrophage creme. Plenty of people don’t like the thought of having a tattoo zapped away with a laser, and others may just prefer being able to look after removal themselves in the comfort of their own homes.
Alec’s creme has one other potentially huge advantage: it won’t leave behind any unwanted scars the way laser removal can. He’s now busily working with Dalhousie University’s Industry Liaison and Innovation office to bring the creme to market, so painless at-home tattoo removal might be in your no-to-distant future.

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