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Thursday, 12 February 2015

Wanna join Dubai Police force? The cars 'll spoil u

As an aspiring  a police officer who loves cars, then you really need to see about getting a job with the Dubai Police Department. They have a whole fleet of supercars at their disposal, and they’re not just for looks. Officers regularly run patrols in these very drool-worthy cars.
The most recent editions to the fleet were a Lexus RC F and a Toyota Land Cruiser. They join a very pricey lineup that includes Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Mercedes. To show the world just how cool their fleet of cars is, they’ve made a slick video featuring the full line-up.
There are a large number of supercars on the roads in Dubai and they’ve had problems with racing. Having a few supercars of their own not only evens the odds, it might also make someone think twice before breaking the law in the first place.

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