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Monday, 25 May 2015

Map of Africa Before Colonisation & What it Has Now Turned to


 Maps of Africa

Before Africa was colonised, the continent was characterised by a large degree of pluralism and flexibility. The continent consisted not of closed reproducing entities, equipped with unique unchanging cultures, but of more fluid units that would readily incorporate outsiders (even whites) into the community as long as they accepted its customs, and where the sense of obligation and solidarity went beyond that of the nuclear family
Most people will be forgiven for thinking Africa’s borders were always the way they are today. In-fact European colonisation of Africa developed rapidly in the Scramble for Africa of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Below are maps of Africa before and after colonisation.

Map of Africa before colonisation

map of africa before it was colonised by europeans

 Map showing Africa’s Kingdoms & Empires

africa map of empires kingdoms

Another map of Africa before colonisation with a different take

map of africa before colonisation

Map showing Africa in 1870, still largely uncolonised except for small areas of possessions or independent European colonies illustrated by the colouring.

map of africa 1870

Map showing larger part of Africa colonised in 1910.

map of africa 1910
reference for map of africa 1910

African Countries featuring dates of independence

dates showing independence dates of african countries

Africa as it looks now

map of africa and its resources

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