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Monday, 18 May 2015

Extreme Xenophobia: 5,645 foreigners repatriated by S. Africa

Xenophobic attack in South AfricaXenophobic attack in South Africa

A total number of 5, 645 foreigners have been repatriated by South Africa since the end of xenophobic attacks in late April , the government said yesterday. Jeff Radebe, a minister in the Presidency stated further that the foreigners chose to leave the country willingly.
Radebe gave the breakdown of those repatriated to be 3,506 Malawians, 1,440 Zimbabweans, 682 Mozambicans and 17 Tanzanians. Radebe's statement further read that 10 women with children under 12 months of which three had just given birth were on their insistence, flown to their respective countries. He said, the country would continue to do its best to address the socio-economic issues that gave rise to the recent xenophobic attacks in the country.

Source: http://thesummary.com.ng/index.php/world-news/item/913-xenophobia-5-645-foreigners-expatriated-by-south-africa

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