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Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Man Needed Surgery To Remove 10-Inch Torch Which Got Stuck Somewhere Very Painful

A man who underwent two hours of surgery to remove what is believed to be a torch from his body has refused to tell doctors how it got there.
Surgeons say the 10-inch (25cm) long object had been inserted into the man’s bottom, but he will not reveal how it happened.
The patient, known only by his surname Cai, was treated by doctors in Guangzhou in China’s Guangdong Province, according to a report by the Guangzhou Daily.
A photograph of the object, which was 2cm in diameter, and an x-ray have been released.
Cai, 40, was admitted to hospital complaining of lower abdominal pain. Doctors said the “torch-like” object was lodged so far up the man’s rectum that they had to surgically remove it from his abdomen.
They believe the object may have been used as a sex toy, although reports claim it may have been the result of a dispute at a karaoke bar.
Doctor Sun Feng of the First Affiliated Hospital of the Guangzhou University of Chinese, said: “The foreign object had been in the patient’s rectum for 27 hours. Any longer and it could have caused potentially fatal swelling and blockages.”
The man refused to reveal how or why the object got there and hospital staff did not ask any further questions.
Doctor Sun added: “The patient is in stable condition and will remain in hospital for two days under observation in case of intestinal bleeding.”
The doctor said than in his ten years of operating on similar cases, he had only come across one object that was larger: a cucumber that was lodged in a chef’s bottom.

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