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Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Muslim Blogger Becomes Online Sensation For Nailing Hijab Styling

Saman Munir has taken the internet by storm after showcasing her creative ways to style her hijab [Photo: Instagram/makeuphijabs]
For many Muslim women the hijab is a fundamental part of their faith, a way of publicly observing their religious beliefs. But one fashion blogger wants to prove that wearing a hijab doesn’t have to mean foregoing the latest trends. Gaining an army of online followers, Saman Munir, is fast becoming an internet star thanks to her YouTube video tutorials showing Muslim women incredibly creative ways to style their hijabs.
Dubbed ‘hijabistas’ Saman is one of a growing number of modest, yet stylish Muslim fashion followers joining the blogosphere and gathering dedicated followers. The mum-of-three, 35, from Toronto, Canada first started posting videos on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram in 2011 because she couldn’t find any style inspiration of her own online.
‘I was looking for three years for someone who’d show me different styles but I couldn’t find anything,’ she explains.
‘I’ve always loved fashion, and you can inspire so many people through social media,’ Saman continues. ‘When Dolce & Gabbana launched their hijab range recently I was so happy and impressed. Finally a big designer is catering to Muslims too; it makes us involved in the fashion world.
Saman is a dedicated follower of fashion [Photos: Instagram/makeuphijabs]
Now the fashion blogger wants to show other women how to style their hijabs so they’ll be ‘covered and still look beautiful.’
With over half a million followers across her various channels, Saman has been praised by other Muslim women for encouraging them to wear their hijab with confidence.
‘Sometimes even non-Muslims are inspired and message me about my styles, saying they love the way I wear hijab and that they want to wear one too,’ she says.
Proving modest can still be stylish, Saman has been posting her tutorials online since 2011 [Photos: Instagram/makeuphijabs]
But though the majority of comments are positive, she has also been on the receiving end of some negativity.
‘Some people write ‘this is not right, it’s not the Islamic way, you’re going to burn in hell, you’re wearing too much make up,”‘ she says. ‘The first few seconds you feel fuming and then after a deep breath you let it go.’
‘I think sometimes it’s just jealousy, or because people have only seen the hijab worn in a certain way before.’
And Saman Proving that religious beliefs don’t necessarily have to be a barrier to style, Saman has also started creating her own range of hijabs, which she sells online.
‘I do what I do because I want to wear my hijab confidently and to admire it, not just wear it.’

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