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Thursday, 7 April 2016

Everlast (former House of Pain) tells Trump to stop using his song

In a series of acerbic social media posts, Everlast said his lawyers had informed Mr Trump he did not have the right to play the 1992 hit by the rapper's former band House of Pain.

"I would love to meet you and smack that comb-over right off your scalp," he wrote on Instagram in one of his less profane statements, describing the Republican presidential candidate as "ignorant" and "racist".

                                     Donald Trump
Everlast, whose real name is Erik Schrody, also took to Twitter to lash out at the candidate's defenders.

Since the song's initial success, Jump Around has become a staple in US pop culture and is frequently played to excite crowds at sporting events.
Mr Trump's rallies have been repeatedly marred by violence, with supporters of the right-wing populist angered by protesters.
Everlast is only the latest artist to butt heads with Mr Trump, who has stirred controversy by describing Mexican immigrants as rapists and urging a ban on entry by all foreign Muslims.

Neil Young and R.E.M. — both known for their left-wing politics — earlier voiced outrage when Mr Trump played their respective hits Rockin' in the Free World and It's the End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine).

Adele has also asked Trump not to use her music, although she made a more polite request, saying that she had not given permission to any candidate.

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