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Thursday, 10 November 2016

Trump, Trump & Trump..... Quite unstoppable

Republican president-elect Donald Trump delivers his acceptance speech during his election night rally in New York on 9 November 2016,Image copyrightGETTY IMAGES
Image captionThe US president-elect Donald Trump took to the stage at his victory rally in New York and said: "I just received a call from Secretary Clinton. She congratulated us on our victory."

Supporters of Republican presidential candidate Donald TrumpImage copyrightJOHN LOCHER / AP
Image captionA dramatic night in the US presidential race saw the Republican candidate defy the polls and sweep to victory in a number of key states, including Florida, Ohio and North Carolina. His supporters could hardly believe it as they began to party at a rally in New York as Mr Trump edges closer to victory.
Supporters of Republican presidential candidate Donald TrumpImage copyrightSHAWN THEW / EPA
Image captionMr Trump's Ohio win was a big boost to him and his supporters, as no Republican has ever taken the White House without winning the state.
A group of women react as voting results comeImage copyrightDREW ANGERER / GETTY IMAGES
Image captionA short distance away there were tears as supporters of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton realised the vote was not going their way.
A woman weeps as election results are reportedImage copyrightFRANK FRANKLIN II / AP
Image captionMrs Clinton won the Democratic heartlands of California, Oregon, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland, Vermont, Delaware, Illinois, Rhode Island, Hawaii, Washington and District of Columbia, as well as New Mexico and Colorado.
Voters wait in line in front of a polling station to cast their ballots in the US presidential election in Scottsdale, ArizonaImage copyrightLAURA SEGALL / AFP
Image captionMore than 100 million Americans went to the polls to decide their next president, with voters in several states facing long queues
Democratic presidential nominee former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton greets supporters after voting at Douglas Grafflin Elementary School in Chappaqua, New YorkImage copyrightJUSTIN SULLIVAN / GETTY IMAGES
Image captionEarlier in the day Mrs Clinton greeted supporters with her husband, former US president Bill Clinton, after voting in Chappaqua, New York. National polls had given Mrs Clinton a four-point lead over Mr Trump with many believing she would cross the finishing line with ease.
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, accompanied by his wife Melania in New YorkImage copyrightEVAN VUCCI / AP
Image captionMr Trump also cast his vote with his wife in New York. Both candidates had targeted battleground states on Monday, with last-minute campaigning taking them to rallies in North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Michigan.
Lucille Lemkin waits in her stroller as her mother casts her ballot at the Luxe Hotel, CaliforniaImage copyrightMIKE NELSON / EPA
Image captionIn Los Angeles, California, one girl waited patiently while her mother cast her vote.
Fabio Alvarado, 91, originally from El Salvador was sworn in as a US citizen on election dayImage copyrightMARIO ANZUONI / REUTERS
Image captionFabio Alvarado, 91, originally from El Salvador, was sworn in as a US citizen on election day and arrived with his wife Marta, 80, to vote at LA County Registrar's office in Norwalk, California.
A freshman, stands outside the polling location on Penn State University's campus hoping to convince fellow students to vote for Donald TrumpImage copyrightJEFF SWENSEN / GETTY IMAGES
Image captionAt Penn State University's campus one freshman hoped to convince others to vote for Trump.
Hillary Clinton supporter Jorge Mendez of Glendale, Arizona wears a dress and Hillary Clinton maskImage copyrightRALPH FRESO / GETTY IMAGES
Image captionHillary Clinton supporter Jorge Mendez of Glendale, Arizona wore a dress and Hillary Clinton mask to show where his allegiance lies.
People vote at the Woodman of the World (WOW) Lodge during the US presidential election in Florence, South CarolinaImage copyrightRANDALL HILL / REUTERS
Image captionAmericans also voted for Congress. All seats in the House of Representatives were up for grabs, and a third of seats in the Senate.
Voting booths in Richmond, VirginiaImage copyrightSHELBY LUM/RICHMOND TIMES-DISPATCH VIA AP
Image captionAll 50 states and Washington DC voted across six different time zones.
A voter in KansasImage copyrightLARRY W SMITH / EPA
Image captionA voter in Kansas prepared to cast his vote in the state that has been won by the Republicans every year since 1968.
A voter puts on an "I voted" stickerImage copyrightCHARLES MOSTOLLER / REUTERS
Image captionA record number of Americans - more than 46 million - voted early by post or at polling stations.
Douglas Hurt holds a sign in Bowling Green, KentuckyImage copyrightAUSTIN ANTHONY / DAILY NEWS VIA AP
Image captionFor some the animosity between the two candidates left them feeling far from inspired.
Reporters speak on-cameraImage copyrightMARY ALTAFFER / AP
Image captionBefore polls closed reporters began to gather at Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's election night rally in New York.
A worker prepares a US flag at the Jacob K Javits Convention Center in New YorkImage copyrightAFP
Image captionAcross town final touches were put in place at the Jacob K Javits Convention Center for the Democrat rally.
Visitors take a selfie with portraits of presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald TrumImage copyrightBART MAAT / EPA
Image captionInterest in the election was not confined to the US. In the Netherlands people posed for photographs with portraits of presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.
Donna Deer, a supporter of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, waits to be interviewed during an election night rally in IndianapolisImage copyrightMICHAEL CONROY / AP
Image captionBack in the US as early results came in people gathered to show support for their chosen candidate, here at an election night rally in Indianapolis
People in the crowd at Hillary Clinton's rally in New YorkImage copyrightJUSTIN LANE / EPA
Image captionWhile Clinton supporters enjoyed the atmosphere, at that stage it was looking good for their candidate.
US presidential candidate Donald Trump (standing, right) watches election results with family and supporters.Image copyrightDONALD TRUMP JR/INSTAGRAM/PA
Image captionDonald Trump Junior posted a picture of Mr Trump and his family and supporters watching the results come in.
Johanna Stiles carries vote-by-mail ballots after the Leon County, FloridaImage copyrightMARK WALLHEISER / GETTY IMAGES
Image captionOne of the key states was Florida, where the count was very tight but was eventually won by Mr Trump.
A crowd watches a news report at Rockefeller CenterImage copyrightJULIO CORTEZ / AP
Image captionOutside the Rockefeller Center in New York people stopped to look at news reports on a screen...
Hundreds of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton supportersImage copyrightSAUL MARTINEZ / REUTERS
Image captionWhile in the Brooklyn Borough of the city supporters of Hillary Clinton gathered to await results.
Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump Holds Election Night Event In New York CityImage copyrightCHIP SOMODEVILLA / GETTY IMAGES
Image captionOver at the Trump rally supporters looked on as early results suggested their candidate was doing better than expected.
Image caption

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