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Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Biafran Massacre 2017: The Silent Queen of England And Her Ferocious African Dictators- B. U. Nwosu

The reticence of Britain over the recurrent massacres of Christians in Nigeria under the directive of the current dictator of Nigeria, General Muhammad Buhari, has been christened the silence heard around the world. In this regard, it is quite heartening to learn of the condemnation of the terrorist activities of the so-called Nigeria military officers in Southeastern Nigeria by the President of the European Union Commission, Mr. Jean-Claude Junker a few days ago. But the question everyone is asking is whether the Queen of England, the de facto leader of imperial Britain, enabled this state-sponsored terrorism in Africa to protect her investments on the continent.
Before I get to the specifics about the Queen of England, let me provide a historical perspective for the reader. For the past 100 years, Britain has enforced a single-agenda foreign policy objective in Nigeria: exploit Nigeria’s natural resources for the use of the British Crown. During the colonial era, Nigerians were taxed into penury, and the collective earnings of these hardworking indigenes were routed to Britain to power the engines of British industrial revolution. In one instance in 1929, protesting market women were rounded up and massacred by British officers in Southeastern Nigeria, under the directive of the British Crown. 
Between 1967 and 1970, Britain supervised the largest pogrom on African soil during the Nigerian-Biafran civil war when more than 2 million Biafrans perished from starvation, relentless bombardments, endless massacres and economic blockade of the entire Southeastern region. What was most frightening was that the Command and Control Center for the Nigerian war effort was based in London, England, not in Lagos, Nigeria. 
British officers were calling in relentless attacks from London and their empire minions in Nigeria led by an illiterate dictator, General Yakubu Gowon, were chomping at the bits to carry out their ferocious orders to slaughter the Biafrans. They were falling over themselves to reach the next fleeing pregnant woman to slice open her belly! This callous disdain for human life was so repugnant that John Lennon, the rock star returned his MBE to the Queen of England in 1969; Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple renounced his Christian faith in 1968 over the horrific images of starving and dying children all over Biafra; and a young Columbia University student, Bruce Mayrock, set himself ablaze in front of the United Nations building in New York and burnt himself to death in protest against the British-supervised pogrom in Africa in 1969. 
In the run-up to this week’s massacre in Southeastern Nigeria by the empire minions of Britain masquerading as Nigeria soldiers, the British ambassador to Nigeria, Mr. Paul Arkwright, on April 5th, 2017 delivered an unsolicited public ‘lecture’ entitled, “Brexit: Lessons, Challenges, and Opportunities for Nigeria,” in the Muslim part of Northern Nigeria, sending a loud dog whistle to the Muslims to ensure that the agitation for a referendum by the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Mr. Nnamdi Kanu, was violently put down. Why in the world would the ambassador be discussing the downsides of Brexit in northern Nigeria, as opposed to taking his message to his countrymen and women in England? 
Following this bizarre ‘lecture’, the governors of the Muslim states of northern Nigeria, which are mostly under Sharia rule, flew to England for a secret meeting with their British colonial masters where they received their marching orders. On the heels of the meeting in England, on June 6th 2017, a group of nondescript, paid agents and freeloaders calling themselves Arewa youths, acting under the auspices of the governors of the Muslim states of Northern Nigeria, sent out a hate-filled declaration demanding that the members of the Christian south, resident in areas of the Muslim north, vacate the northern Nigerian territories before October 1, 2017.
Then on Wednesday, September 13th, 2017 all hell broke loose as the empire hounds were unleashed on the civilized, peace-loving, hardworking, and unarmed citizens of Southeastern Nigeria.  The so-called Nigerian soldiers, who are in reality, minions of imperial Britain, descended with gusto on the Igbos of Southeastern Nigeria and committed atrocities that cuddled the blood. 
For three days, these barbarians raped, killed, and destroyed everything in their sights. For 48 hours, the British Broadcasting Corporation, the mouthpiece and chief propaganda outlet of Imperial Britain, put a lid on this story to prevent it from reaching the international community. Then when the news blew up in their faces on global social media, BBC came out with the most horrendous fake news story you ever heard in an attempt to whitewash this horrendous evil and protect their rampaging zombie soldiers in Africa. They chose to interview only the leaders of the Nigeria military and gave no voice to the relatives of the victims of the ethnic-cleansing operation in Southeastern Nigeria.  What does the former colonial mistress of Nigeria, Queen Elizabeth, have to do with all this?
The Queen of England is one of the richest human beings on earth but you will never see her financial profile featured on the pages of Forbes magazine. Interestingly, the bulk of her wealth does not come from Britain, but from ‘businesses’ that are conducted in the so-called ‘former’ British colonies, which are vassal states that are forced to pay tribute to the British Crown to this day! 
Nigeria is one of such vassal states and the cash cow in Nigeria is the oil-rich region along the Bight of Biafra in Southern Nigeria. This is one part of the world where the Queen of England will never relinquish her imperial chokehold because she stands to lose more than 40% of her wealth in one fell swoop should the Biafrans be allowed to exert control over their God-given resources. This was why the British Crown, under Queen Elizabeth, supervised the deaths of two million men, women, and children so that Britain would have unfettered access to the sweet crude Brent flowing from the rich oil wells of the Bight of Biafra.
Quoting a briefing from the Commonwealth Office to the British Prime Minister during the Nigerian-Biafran war, 1967-1970, “The sole immediate British interest is to bring the Nigerian economy back to a condition in which our substantial trade and investment can be further developed.” Read more: This has remained the British policy in Nigeria till date! This is why the resurgent call for self-determination in the Biafran region of Nigeria is being ferociously put down by the uniformed minions of the British Crown. 
Does the Queen like African dictators? On May 9th through 12th 1989, the Queen of England hosted the then dictator of Nigeria, General Muhammad Babangida in London. During this visit, she threw a three-day party in his honor, rode in the royal carriage with this vile dictator from Victoria Station to Buckingham Palace, and lavished him with rare awards and honors from the British Empire, all for one single reason: General Babangida had opened up the spigots of the Nigerian oil wells to the British Crown. See it here:
In this signature, global, anti-democratic act, the Queen of England openly legitimized a blood-thirsty dictator in exchange for oil! General Babangida would go on to destroy the Nigerian economy through monumental corruption and ultra-reckless economic policies. Interestingly, no democratically elected leader in Africa has received such an attention from Queen Elizabeth; not even the immortal Nelson Mandela was so feted and festooned with medals and garlands as the blood-thirsty dictator, Babangida!
It is a shame that the Queen of England and her family are bent on supervising another pogrom in Nigeria just to maintain their stranglehold on the oil wells of the Bight of Biafra. It is also regrettable that the Queen of England has turned a deaf ear to the anguish of fellow Christians in Africa just because imperial Britain wants to continue to line its purse with proceeds from the sale of Nigerian oil deposits. As immortal Chaucer would write in Canterbury Tales, “See how these Christians love one another.” Unwittingly, while the ‘holy’ Archbishop of Canterbury and his Queen were supervising a pogrom in Africa; Steve Jobs, John Lennon, and Bruce Mayrock showed the entire world what true Christianity looked like without opening a page of the Bible! 
We ask all well-meaning individuals living in Britain, US, and elsewhere to show their support for the beleaguered indigenes of Southeastern Nigeria who are being slaughtered like cattle while British politicians and royalties are busy collecting oil inducements from their minions running the Nigeria government. Nothing short of continued peaceful demonstrations in Britain and other places will shame these bribe takers into ignominy.
In reality, Nigeria is not a sovereign nation: it is a gory British plantation run by the empire minions and jesters of Britain for the sole interest of the British Crown. The unholy treaty between the British Crown and the Moslem Hausa-Fulani tribe ensures that the Hausa-Fulanis hold the keys to the plantation, and in turn allow their British overlords unfettered access to the bounties of the plantation. And whenever any group of plantation workers dares to drop their shackles and demand their freedom, the rabid empire hounds would bare their fangs and maul such upstarts to pieces to ensure the survival of the plantation.
In conclusion, if Britain is truly a nation of civilized people and culture, then let it demonstrate it by restraining her empire minions in Africa, and allow the Biafrans to file out of the plantation and find their place in the rising sun.
B. U. Nwosu
President Muhammadu Buhari greeting Queen Elizabeth of England dsuring the Commonwealth meeting in Malta

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