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Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Kim Kardashian stuns for T Singapore Magazine

Kim Kardashian is the cover star of The New York Times Style Singapore magazine.

  Ten years ago, a family of minor celebrities made their collective debut on a Ryan Seacrest-produced E! reality TV show. Like so many other Seacrest productions, it could have slipped into oblivion — for one thing, the concept wasn’t unique. Five years prior, in 2002, “The Osbournes” had premiered on MTV, a reality series that followed the domestic antics of heavy metal musician Ozzy Osbourne and his family.

The premise of Seacrest’s new show was no different, save for the fact that none of its cast had Osbourne’s level of fame. The only things they were known for, at the time, were their links to actually famous personalities. Unsurprisingly, when “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” was released in October 2007, the reviews were scathing, with critics denouncing it for its shallowness and calling its troupe “self-absorbed” and “desperate”.
But if the Kardashians were desperate, it only bolstered their drive to make the show a success. “KUWTK” drilled on, adding season after season, spin-off after spin-off, until it became the second-most-popular reality series of all time — and its in-your-face lead, the world’s most famous-for-being-famous person (not to mention wife of the most famous rapper, Kanye West).

Photograph by Dennis Leupold. Creative Direction by Jack Wang & Jumius Wong. Styling by Tok Wei Lun.Wardrobe: Givenchy dress, trousers and heels. Cartier Juste un Clou ring. Zoom
Wardrobe: Givenchy dress, trousers and heels. Cartier Juste un Clou ring.

Despite the criticism and the mocking memes, Kim Kardashian West is today the highest-earning reality TV personality in the world. Leveraging her considerable social media presence, the unexpectedly prodigious entrepreneur built a personal brand with a sphere of influence that reached across multiple industries. In tech, she dominated with a virally popular trio of apps: Kimoji, Kim Kardashian West (which offers an even more intimate look into her life on a freemium model), and the mobile game Kim Kardashian: Hollywood.
 In fashion, her close relationships with fashion designers like Balmain’s creative director Olivier Rousteing, Givenchy’s former creative director Riccardo Tisci and Valentino’s founder Valentino Garavani (and of course, her husband Kanye West) made her a front row fixture and a style icon so significant that every outfit worn and hairstyle changed would inevitably make headlines.

According to Forbes, the savvy businesswoman and dedicated entertainer raked in US$51 million (approx. S$69 million) in 2016 alone — a fortune that until recently was no secret. Whether she was announcing her latest collaboration, or showing off her latest purchases, the 37-year-old had no qualms about sharing it all on social media.

Then the 2016 Paris incident happened. Burglers, alerted to her whereabouts through her own Twitter updates, broke into Kardashian West’s hotel room and robbed her diamonds. That experience gave her a reality check. “I definitely get a lot more anxiety now, just with people knowing your every move,” she tells T Singapore in an interview conducted after our shoot in Los Angeles. Following the episode, the “queen of social media”, as she is known, disappeared from all her online platforms, posting nothing for a quarter of a year before resurfacing in January this year.

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