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Tuesday, 26 September 2017

P-Square Split: Why Peter’s Wife, Lola Okoye Should Be Blamed

When I heard P-Square is fighting (AGAIN!), the first thing I did was stroll over to Lola Omotayo-Okoye’s comments section to see what’s going on over there and I wasn’t disappointed a bit. Nigerians have as usual camped out on the woman’s page insulting and advising her to fix her family.
You see, Lola who is married to one half of the singing duo, Peter, has somehow always managed to be dragged into whatever fight P-Square is having. Fans of the music group and Nigerians in general never hesitate to brandish their weapons and point accusing fingers at the mother of two whenever the family feuds.
While you might think them uncouth and lacking of home training and possibly also be wondering how any of this is Lola’s fault; well I’m here to tell you that this latest feud and all the other ones before it are solely her fault.
And here’s why:                     Because at nearly 40 years old, the twins are still babies who can’t tell their right from their left and so need a woman to tell them which is which. You know, boys will always be boys – it doesn’t matter if they have 2, 3 or 7 children, they never really grow.
And how dare she be older than her husband? Does she not know that that is a taboo? How did she allow herself to fall in love with him and even worse still allow him to fall in love with her? Tufiakwa!
And oh she’s so fine and very yellow therefore she must be a descendent of Mami Water. Yoruba women are never that fair. Yeah, I know you’ll say she has an Oyinbo parent but what does it matter? Is her surname not Omotayo? She’s too yellow abeg. Surely, she must be a witch!
The biggest reason of them all? She’s a woman, a Nigerian woman! Have you not heard? In this part of the world, the woman is always at fault. She’s the reason a family disintegrates, the reason she was raped by an older relative who should know better. The woman gets crucified for the same crime a man gets patted on the back for. She’s the reason her husband’s business isn’t moving and the reason he cheats. It’s always the woman’s fault, always! So, when 3 grown-ass men decide to run a business without any structure whatsoever and problems arise as a result, nobody blames them. We all go to look for the woman, the easiest target, who is neither a member of the group or listed anywhere as a partner in the business.
Yes, by all means, let’s blame Lola.

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