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Tuesday, 10 July 2018

World Cup 2018: Jurgen Klinsmann's message to England: 'Be who you are'

Jurgen Klinsmann
When I watch England at this World Cup I see a team that is very determined and plays in a straightforward style.
There is nothing complicated about the way you play. Some might say it is predictable, and it may not be the most beautiful approach sometimes - but there is nothing wrong with that as long as it is effective.
You don't need to play like Brazil or other teams who have a different football heritage and approach to the game. Be who you are - and be proud of that.
When I took over as Germany boss in 2004, after we had failed at that summer's European Championship, I began by trying to give our national team an identity, and a clear way of playing. That included our attitude as well.

Two years later, our young team had an amazing run to the semi-finals of the World Cup that captured the imagination of our people.
It was a beautiful moment because it seemed everyone suddenly saw themselves as part of our team. It was a kind of surge of identity and pride that was wonderful to watch.
I can definitely see similarities with this England team, and the connection they have made with your public, and not just because they are a similar age.
What will decide the semi-final? Energy and belief
I wanted England to be decisive and assertive in your quarter-final against Sweden, and the same goes against Croatia, although they are a very different team.
Gareth Southgate might tweak some things tactically, but I don't think that will prove to be that important in deciding the outcome.
What will be important is the energy your players can bring, and their belief they can get to the final.
Mentally, I think you are ready, whatever happens. England have not gone behind in a game that matters in this tournament but, if it happens on Wednesday, you have the resilience to deal with it.
The England players will not panic, they have proved that. I want to see you go for it, and seize this opportunity.
If you do go on to win the tournament - and I hope you do - it would have an indescribable effect.
Winning a World Cup can almost reboot a whole nation. I am not talking politically, because you have a lot going on there at the moment, but it will definitely restore some pride.
It did exactly that for Germany in 2014, when the public saw themselves in the faces of all the players, and I would love to see the same thing happen for England too.
Culled:  BBC Sports

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