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Wednesday, 1 April 2015


President  Goodluck Jonathan disappointed most of his deceitful followers by being a gallant and respectful loser. They have been waiting to push him otherwise as a way to further butter their breads, but he realised honourably that his name and legacy is more important for a well deserved page in Nigeria's political history. I respect him for the singular act of showmanship.
What he did, by preemptively congratulating GMB, was to save Nigeria from another civil war. He did it to douse the tension all over the country. He did it to preempt his advisers from disputing the results & consequently throwing up the country into a conflagration. Not many people will appreciate what the President has done, but posterity will judge him right. Jonathan should be treated like a Hero

Abdulsalami Abubakar on Jonathan conceding defeat:
"We were at the middle of a meeting with the international observers to try to see how we can still water the tension down, when gladly I called Gen. Buhari that we are going to see him, he told me that Mr. President has called him at about 5:15 p.m. and congratulated him and conceded defeat.
"We were spellbound and the reason we have come here is to thank President Jonathan for this statesmanship. In the history of Nigeria I think this is the first time where a contestant has called his rival to congratulate him and through this point, President Jonathan maintained a point that the blood of Nigerians is not worth his presidency and by his action he has proved that. He has proved that he is a man of his word because during our interaction on this peace committee he has always maintained that he is going to accept the result of the elections which ever way it is done. And he has proved this.
"And I think we need Nigerians, all of us to join hands in making sure we assist him in the peaceful handing over. And I will appeal to all politicians those who are celebrating and those who are sorrowing to please give peace a chance to be moderate. In any contest, there is always going to be a winner and President Jonathan has accepted that he lost and we want to thank him.
"On behalf of Nigerians I want to thank President Jonathan for being the statesman that he is, he has approved that he is a statesman and he has the love of this country in his heart. So Nigerians should please help him to ensure this is real.
"For any Nigerian who is aggrieved, the electoral laws has procedures seeking re-address, so if anybody has any grievance he should apply through the law. I appeal again to our youth, to everybody, to please give peace a chance and accept that the chief contestant himself has accepted. So nobody should go and raise any eyebrow and cause any destabilization of this country".

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