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Wednesday, 15 April 2015

"Enemy of the state": Documents revealing S. African military’s plans to "take actions" against Palme

Olof Joachim Palme, a Swedish Social Democratic politician, Prime Minister, a populist, leftwing politician whose views made him numerous enemies at home and abroad, was shot in February 1986 as he walked home with his wife from a cinema in Stockholm.
Palme was a social democrat, was serving his second term as leader. He believed in open government and shunned tight security.
He had two bodyguards to protect him on official functions but frequently walked unattended through the Swedish capital and went on holidays unescorted to his summer cottage on the island of Gotland.
His assassination will come as a shock to the Swedes. They have always taken great pride in the fact their prime minister could walk openly in the streets without the security which accompanies other heads of state.
Mr Palme will be remembered as a campaigner for the working classes and Third World causes. He was first elected as prime minister in 1969.
He became a leading advocate of peace and non violence and campaigned for an end to the war in Vietnam.
He saw himself carrying the banner of Social Democracy through Europe at a time when the Right was only temporarily in triumph.
He once said: "I know that the Thatchers and the Reagans will be out in a few years. We have to survive till then."

Documents leaked by South Africa's military säkerhetsjänst now and the State Security Council (which consisted of senior military officers and key people in the Government) found in the archive to "take care of" Olof Palme "enemy of the state"

                                                       Olof Palme

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