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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Oba of Lagos' statement: 24 Igbo leaders in Lagos dine with Yoruba counterpart to bolster relationship

Yoruba traditional rulerstoday called on Igbo residents in Lagos to forgive the Oba of Lagos over an anti- Ibo statement credited him, saying that both Yorubas and Ibos will continue to live as brothers and sisters for true reflection of one Nigeria.
The monarchs said this at Amuwo Odofin Local Government Council Chamber, Festac, Lagos when they hosted 24 Igbo traditional leaders in different parts of Lagos.
Oba Kayode Akinyemi, the Alabirun of Ikaare, who spoke on behalf of seven other obas said that Lagos has been so peaceful for everyone because Yorubas do not segregate and everyone should work as one for continuous cooperation coexistence.
Akinyemi noted that the Yorubas do not segregate other tribe the issues of the statement of the oba should be viewed as a slip of tongue.
The Eze-Ndigbo of Amuwo-Oriade, Dr. Gordian Dimojiaku on behalf of the delegation, said that no person can be more accommodating like the Yoruba people and the Igbos will continue to live with with their host as one.
Dimojiaku, noted that he was with the Oba of Lagos when he made the statement on Sunday but no harm was meant to the Igbos.
He affirmed that the reporters at the event did not know that it was a traditional rulers interacting and not an intention to abuse or segregate the Igbos in Lagos.
The Igbo traditional ruler also questioned why a traditional issue should be politicized and has caused apprehension in Lagos.
According to Dimojiaku: “No amount of deceit will change our views. No person can be more accommodating like the Yoruba people. We have been living as one for several decades and a communication misunderstanding should not be turned political issue.
At this crucial time when we are trying to intensify our democracy in Nigeria, a statement that was misconstrued should not serve as division between the Igbos in Lagos and the Yorubas. We are one and we will continue to live as one.
Igbos in Lagos have enjoyed several benefits from our brothers and our host the Yorubas. The oba was joking when he made that statement because I was there. We all ate together, we joked together. I want all the igbos to take acue from the president-elect Gen. Muhammadu Buhari, who said that we should move forward and live as one.

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