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Sunday, 5 April 2015

Rawlings Congratulates Buhari, Says Jonathan Was Too Weak To Champion Africa’s Cause

Former Ghanaian President, Jerry Rawlings has hailed Nigerians for voting in Muhammadu Buhari as the country’s next President because the former military ruler would “restore the dignity of the black man”.
“Nigerians have taken the lead in the rejection of corruption. Nigerians did not just vote anyone. They voted for a man whose integrity is extremely high. Nigeria is tired of corruption and the choice of this leader is a clear indication of where she wants to go. I hope General Buhari will put together a team whose understanding of the power of the people recognizes and respects the will of the people”, Rawlings said in a statement made available to our newsroom.
He added that Buhari must meet sky high expectations as he settles down to his new office.
“The election result is a manifestation of the people’s resolve to confront corruption, dishonesty and exploitation. This is a clear message to the new leadership. A bold step has been taken towards a new Nigeria and the incoming leader cannot be unaware of what is expected of him”.
Top of Rawlings’ wish list is that Buhari restores the dignity of the black race; a task the former Ghanaian revolutionary thinks the incumbent President Jonathan failed at.
“General Buhari owes it to his people and to black Africans, the restoration of our pride and the black man’s dignity.
“The image of President Jonathan, a Nigerian President climbing up the stairs to go and complain about Boko Haram to a French President is an image I hope I will not see again”, Rawlings said.

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