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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Rihanna shows off new rusty red locks while shooting new music video

Suits you Rihanna proved she has what it takes to work pretty much any hairstyle as she showed off her new red locks while filming a music video on a boat in Santa Monica on Tuesday

Busy bee: Rihanna hasn't slowed down lately, working on her new movie Home as well as her upcoming album R8, and being involved in Jay Z's new streaming service Tidal

Latest look: Over the years, Rihanna has sported dozens of hairstyles, and the red curls are certainly a fetching look

Video star: On Monday, Rihanna surprised fans with a brand new clip for a new track, American Oxygen

Emotive scenes: Footage of the Ferguson riots, 9/11, Martin Luther King Jr.'s coffin, and the Ku Klux Klan were intercut with shots of the Barbadian star

Previous image: At an event in Indianapolis last week, Rihanna showed off her classic dark brown hair while up on stage

Style chameleon: During a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Rihanna looked flawless with yet another hairstyle trend - a heavy fringe and mid-length locks

If there's one thing to be said about Rihanna, it's that she never sticks with one hairstyle for very long.
And, true to form, the superstar singer has revealed yet another new look while filming a brand new music video.
The 27-year-old showed off her rusty red new locks while shooting scenes for her video on a barge off the coast of Santa Monica at Marina Del Rey on Tuesday
She looked a world away from her usual raven-haired self as she got to work, her newly-coloured mane curled with what seemed to be a tight perm and with two sections twisted up in buns on either side of her head.
The hitmaker - who, over the years has easily had over 30 different hairstyles - appeared to be in-between takes as she covered up her video-friendly ensemble under a chunky, black dressing gown.
And, to quench her thirst during a busy day of work, she held up a drink in her hand which she sipped through a straw as members of the crew gave her a hand and worked around her on the set.
While not much of her outfit was seen, onlookers could catch a glimpse of what appeared to be a fluffy purple panel across her chest, and she also donned a pair of loafers with a unique perspex design.
She also had a scarf tied around her neck, but the robe kept her new video style well under wraps.
However, it was clear to see as she climbed up the steps to get into the sea-liner that whatever she was wearing underneath was incredibly short as she flashed a fair amount of her long, slender legs.
The hard-working star hasn't taken much of a break from her busy schedule lately: she was spotted filming for an upcoming music video just days after revealing her latest one for her new single American Oxygen.

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