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Monday, 1 June 2015

1969 - 20-year old American who burnt himself due to killings in Biafra

Bruce Mayrock, the 20-year old American student who burnt himself to death in 1969 at the United Nations headquarters in New York to protest against the killing of the Biafrans during the civil war in Nigeria. So many uncelebrated heroes!

Tributes to Mayrock

Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for the survival of a people. We are here Bruce, we made it alive. Your sacrifice will never be forgotten. Rest in Peace my brother.
Jude Aneke
 Added: May. 9, 2015
Dear Brother, Am deeply sorry that i have not recommended you or acknowledged your great impact on Biafrans, it really hurts me so much that i knew about you just today. 3rd October 2014, I truly appreciate your great courage my brother, I tried to google and find your picture, to always have your picture in my brain, brother rest in peace, May your family never lack. You tried your best to stop the war. I will publish your name and make you popular and have you remembered every year in my state and country. I do love you brother, God bless you and accept you in his kingdom. I blame the Britain and France, there were after Nigerian Oil, and both caused war in my country and killed millions. How i wish i could meet with any of your family members or brother, you are indeed a Hero, to me, you are like Lt Michael P Murphy. To give you great respect and Honor, i will be in great favor to anyone bearing your name, either Bruce or Mayrock, i promise to stand by any means to help and assist them, even if it will cost my life. I love you my brother
Chibueze Okonkwo
 Added: Oct. 3, 2014
It is with a swollen heart,full of love,pity, and profound appreciation that I join the world in celebrating you! you will no doubt be remembered eternally in the annals of history of this world.Rest in perfect peace
Emeka Onoh
 Added: May. 28, 2014
Rest in peace brother
Saint B
 Added: Dec. 11, 2012
Brother Bruce Mayrock, there was an attempt by the evil ones to bury your history with you. Fortunately, with God's special grace, we the children of Biafra of this generation have discovered that history of selfless scarify which you gave at out of high emotion, sympathy and conscience based on the humiliation and injustice towards us. I am happy to have discovered your history and still searching for more about you to build up a good hero's historic documentary to the world to remember you.God bless shall continue to bless your soul Brother Bruce! You came to this world to see the injustice meted out to man. You cried, the unjust heard your voice, but didn't take any action to wipe your tears. You said you'd rather leave this wicked world than watch millions of Biafrans exterminated. You were not an African much less a Biafran, but you showed the world that it didn't matter your race, origin and color, that evil being perpetrated anywhere is evil being perpetrated everywhere. Though the world may not remember your sacrifice, Heaven will forever talk about your love and sacrifice for humanity. I will make sure my people the igbo race of Biafra immortalize you here on earth and the world must hear more about your sacrifices. We shall going to set up a date as your special day of remembrance in the world. You have written you name with a golden pen.Please meet with Zik, Ojukwu, Okpara and Ibiam and go to God, and ask HIM to save us the Biafra people in the hands of the wicked world. Our people are being systematically killed and our land cries for help.Rest in Peace Brother. We love you!
Henry Uche Iwuanyanwu
 Added: Nov. 6, 2012
May your soul rest in peace Mr Mayrock.
Ernest Chinonso
 Added: Nov. 5, 2012

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