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Saturday, 14 October 2017

Breast Cancer Survivor: Message of Empowerment, Happiness & Inspiration to all

Before Cashmere founded the quickly growing cruelty-free cosmetics company,  and just at the start of her independent professional career, she found a lump in her right breast. As a trained nurse, Cashmere was all too familiar with self-assessments and didn’t think anything of it. But the lump grew, and Cashmere had it removed only to experience more lumps and a breast cancer diagnosis the following spring.
Through fear, worry, and uncertainty, Cashmere believes God spoke to her and encouraged her to keep her faith and to keep fighting, and to help others as well. Even though Cashmere has had lumps return and additional surgery to remove them, she has kept her unrelenting passion for living her life to the fullest.
From Fear to Fiery Passion: A Sweet Triumph
Cashmere’s inspiration for starting her company sprang from her love of the arts. Having once dreamt about becoming an architect and having a knack for creating, Cashmere found her love for makeup artistry. My company's motto, “Be Better Not Bitter,” says a lot about the inspiration behind the sweetly named brand. Cashmere’s view on life and business to be sweet and sweeten the lives of others, is truly inspiring, especially considering her hardships. She views mistakes only as learning opportunities, and wishes to inspire others to see the very best in people.
Cashmere’s Advice for All Dreamers
Cashmere wants everyone with a dream to just do it, and make their goals happen. Starting with nothing doesn’t matter, but what does matter is to want the best for people, to uplift others rather than tear them down. Even with thousands of social media followers and celebrity clientele (including Beyonc√©!), Cashmere wishes for others to support her in the quest to spreading the word, helping others less fortunate, and sending positive vibes to those around you.

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