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Sunday, 8 October 2017

Why I hardly wear panties- Ghanaian actress reveals [Video]

Baby Blanche is not yet a household name, but she is already getting the attention superstars garner. The Ghanaian actress has urged women not to wear panties, saying it reduces body and vagina odour. She made this known at a recent event.                                                                                      According to her: “I have not experienced body odour especially vagina odour because I believe I have abstained from wearing panties. The whole initiative is to help young ladies free themselves from infections especially candida which most of them get infected by wearing panties.                  “As a lady, during your menses you can be excused because menses is already blood, its fluid. Even If you are in the AC, you don’t need to give pressure to your vagina, you need to free it. It has to breathe.”                                                                                                                                               Her recommendation has ignited various outbursts from ladies.                                                   Whinnie White said:” This actress needs to be enlightened
Funmi added saying:” She shld be deceiving herself there. How can say u ve never had infection before,and more over ,she doesnt wear pant.that means she wears jeans once and wash.I don hear u aunty..disposable pant is still better than not wearing at all”                                                               According to Queen:” Thongs are better than full panties…that is why I prefer them cos it gives way for air to get in there,but not wearing them at all is no no for me cos it does not make sense..how do you cope with discharge on your skirts or jeans if you don’t wear them..it is all about your hygiene tho..you can do without panties and still get infected if you are dirty and your clothes are dirty”

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